*Contrary to popular belief, there is more to the Bahamas than the sunny, fun-filled good time seen on postcards and brochures.

According to Nicki Micheaux (ABC Family’s “Lincoln Heights”), the island’s other side is riddled in poverty and drug addiction. The actress became acquainted with the dark side of the Bahamas while filming her new movie “Rain.”

The drama, which stars Micheaux, Renel Brown, Irma P. Hall and CCH Pounder, centers on  a young girl who travels to Nassau to reunite with the biological mother (Micheaux) who abandoned her as a child following the death of her grandmother.

Unlike movies where the parent comes to the aid of their troubled child, “Rain” offers a different spin by reversing the roles of the young girl, Rain and Micheaux’ Glory, who’s drug addiction results in a crossroads reached between mother and daughter.

“The mother is the one with the problem who’s sort of brining everybody down. And you can see how the mother’s problems are going to weigh on the daughter but the daughter is fighting against it. And that’s what’s so great about this movie, Micheaux told EUR’s Lee Bailey. “It’s the struggle about ‘How are we going to be mother and daughter? Do I have to leave you or are you going to be my mother? Do you know what that means?’ And that’s what’s really unique about this story.”

In a photo that shows the impoverished side of the Bahamas, Micheaux chats with a 6-year-old Bahamian girl and man from neighborhood

As for the poverty in the Bahamas, Micheaux believes the solution lies in making the Bahamian government accountable for the current state of the island.

“Alcoholism is rampant. Drug addiction is rampant. And the poverty sort of adds to the pressure…I say there’s a real problem, but it’s solvable because we send so much money down there in tourism. Pirates of the Caribbean shoots there. Many big Hollywood movies shoot there. It’s just about raising our hand and holding that government accountable. That’s it because the money’s there.”

“Rain” will air throughout the rest of the month on Showtime and Showtime on Demand. Check HERE for dates/times of broadcasts.