Erwin Lutzer

*Erwin Lutzer, pastor of the Moody Church in Chicago, just published a book named “When A Nation Forgets Gos.”  The book contains an endorsement from the Natonal Religious Broadcaster’s president, Frank Wright.  

Wright’s organization has been connected to Dominion theology by some groups in the nation. The theme of he book is stated on page 134:

“We have witnessed increasing hostility against Christainity from society in general and from state institutions in particular.”

Lutzer finds parallels with Nazi Germany in all the wrong places.  One example is the fact that the state can license a marraige without the certification of the church.  

Hitler’s Germany is compared to modern Hate Crimes legislation in which the minister believes these new laws will allow the state to control free speech in the pulpit.  An economic example is found in the graduated income tax. Erwin sees this as stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

Lutzer finds similar ideology in the British health care system with German concentration camps.  Lutzer claims that in Britain senior adults are denied adequate health care.  This is compared to the proposed new system in America.  One assistant state attorney warned the pastor that in the near future pastors can lose the tax exempt status in the church if the church refused to preform gay marriages.  Believe it or not, the famous preacher claims Muslims and homosexuals have joined together on hate crimes bills to further attack Christians.

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