Those Aries natives that plan for the future will benefit quicker than those who prefer to wait out a storm. For those Aries who like to foresee the future, the 9th and 10th are great days when planning works out business-wise. Then wait for just after the 15th to implement your scheme and you are at full strength to deal with those who can’t quite see as far as you. Also on the 10th, you are free of a burden that has plagued you for most of the year. Go ahead and take chances now.


If things have been rough these past few months, look to an uplift of a crushing burden on the 10th, which will most likely take place in the morning. There are still several things that aren’t quite going your way, largely in the area of love, but that’s the way life is. Do not worry, as the most important thing in your life is your possessions, especially your home. The weekend finds you focused on your career. Trust your instincts, as there are aspects that will call for increased physical energy and sleepless nights.


That misunderstanding a peer magically repairs itself, largely due to your persistence in taking a righteous stand. Note that it is not a self-righteous position, but one in which you alone have seen the big picture because you have successfully withstood the “mob mentality” that comes when three or more oppose your point of view. You may feel an urge to crow about your victory, but if you are restrained, respect increases. Make your move on the 15th, when the New Moon favors you.


Emphasis is on money and the easement of a burden that has been nagging at you for several months. It comes just in time, as the Sun in Pisces (a Water Sign like Cancer) favorably aspects your daily life. Look to the 15th, when the Moon (your ruler) joins the Sun, flooding you with psychic images that point the way to a better life. Don’t worry about others on the 9th and 10th, when you find yourself in a position of authority. You are on the right track, and can find financial backing that will aid a pet project on the 11th.


If you’ve been having an overwhelming sense that you are not feeling physically fit these past several months, you are not alone. Good news is that you will suddenly feel great around the 10th when angry and energetic Mars in your sign begins to move in a more direct motion, infusing you with a purpose to move ahead in life. The 11th and 12th, when the Moon is in your opposite sign of Aquarius, shove you into the public eye big-time. Are you ready for your close up?


You have the New Moon in Pisces on the 15th to give you the necessary start to a project. Prior to that day, specifically the 13th and 14th, you will have ample time to repair your public image, which has kept you awake many a night prior to the 10th. These various aspects also prepare you for the last few days in which you will be in the public eye, and then your attention turns to how to accrue money. Other than that, concrete planning is easy on the 9th and 10th when your real organizational strength comes forth.


Gotta be honest with you about one particular day – the 9th – when you are not particularly in a loving mood. Reason being, Venus, the planet of love, opposes Saturn in Libra (you opposite sign) and makes you an uncomfortable person to be around. On the flip side, it’s also a day when you meet that special someone and commit to him or her. The 11th and 12th are days when communications run smoothly, so give your all in making sure others see why you are taking a particular stance.


You’ve been taking chances lately, mostly in a reckless manner where your career is concerned. You get a reprieve beginning on the 10th when you find that others also have a vision that will benefit you. If it involves an upward movement, get ready to move into that corner office. Home life improves greatly, and gives relief that made living with you quite uncomfortable recently. You’ll find that the weekend provides needed respite from a particularly hectic week.


Home life hums along like a finely tuned muscle car. About the only bump in the road happens when the New Moon on the 15th warns against acting impulsively, largely where dramatic changes upset your usual calm. Have a talk with your partner during the 11th and 12th when you are able to get your point across more succinctly, but do not resort to finger pointing. You are prompted to keep a secret about a good friend most of this forecast period, as it could damage his/her reputation and alienate you.


You are at full strength on the 9th, and rapidly gather momentum in the days that follow. Your usual dry approach to business seems more practical now, mainly with those people close to you. They look to your uncanny insights for direction, and you provide such information without string attached. Look to those born under the sign of Cancer if you really want to settle a love problem. Their comforting and warm demeanor helps to thaw an icy relationship. Don’t worry, you will see the light and straighten up.


You are at full strength on the 11th and 12th, when the Moon is in your sign. This blesses you with nearly psychic abilities that will astound others when you reveal truths that set others on a remarkable road to recovery. You’ll be looked upon as a savior, so look the part. From the early hours of the 13th onto the late night hours of the 15th, you are so consumed with money matters that you may not be fun to be around, but at least the bank account will look very, very good. Money woes ease on the 10th.


This week is a real busy one for the Fish. First off, you reach the heights in your career with a cold logic that belies your usually soft exterior. Then, due to the fact that Mars in Leo finally turns in a forward direction on the 10th, so do your thought processes. Previously, you were a pain in the derriere to be around, but you will find that others are in your corner come the 15th, when the Moon is in your sign. Pay attention to any and all psychic or gut impressions. They will guide you down a positive path.

Terrence Howard – Born March 11, 1969
One of the most bankable actors in Hollywood, Terrence Howard combines his dreamy Sun in Pisces with an active Moon in fiery Sagittarius.

Such a combination usually points to a career in broadcasting, singing or writing, but acting is equally expressive. Truth is a demand and passion with this combination, and Terrence will not allow any kind of B.S. to enter his life, not with Mars joining the Moon. This aspect also makes for a fine athlete.

With brooding eyes, Terrence comes off as a deep thinker, and it’s too true, as he is quite content and comfortable to be alone with his thoughts as he is to mix it up with the public. Mercury in Aquarius (Air), Venus in Aries (Fire), Jupiter in Libra (Air), Saturn in Aries (Fire) and Uranus in Libra (Air) is a combination that gives the recipient skills for relaying his thought to a large audience through his impressionable Pisces Sun.

So, with this, the world is seeing an actor that channels inner emotions to any role he plays. If you saw his turn in the 2008 Oscar-winning movie “Crash,” when he is surrounded by a phalanx of police, the tension is palpable.

Terrence Howard doesn’t say a word, yet, he effectively communicates his inner turmoil. Now, that’s acting!