*The New York Daily News is quoting unnamed sources who claim Mary J. Blige was acting like a diva at last weekend’s Jazz in the Gardens musical festival in Miami Gardens, and that organizers have vowed never to have her back.

“While she sat in her limousine, her personal guards came into the press tent to clear out the area like they were the Secret Service,” an insider told the newspaper. “They first demanded that all print and online journalists be kicked out because Mary didn’t want to take questions. They were acting like she was Michelle Obama or Queen Elizabeth.”

After the guards were finished, Blige reportedly sent them in a second time to force the remaining reporters to back up 10 feet farther from where she would be standing.

“When Mary finally emerged from her car, she walked into the tent for literally two minutes wearing dark shades – even though it was nighttime,” the source adds. “She struck one pose and then walked off without bothering to say a single word. Her antics were extreme and unwarranted.”

With some 40,000 people in the audience, who saw performances by Teena Marie, Joe Sample and Robin Thicke earlier in the evening, Blige reportedly waited 90 minutes beyond her start time to take the stage.

“Her handlers kept saying that she would ‘go onstage when she was ready,'” the paper quoted a source as saying. “But it was almost midnight when she got on, which took the entire festival into overtime.”

Meanwhile, Mary J was well received by fans at the concert. View her performance of “I’m Goin’ Down” below.