Sylvester Laudermill (deceased),

*Irvine, California, Trial Attorney Gregory Brown secures the largest settlement in firm history in a sexual molestation case against the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) in Los Angeles, CA.

While some justice has been served in the courts, the victim(s) will have to deal with the fallout for the rest of their lives. It is truly unfortunate that such predators can survive for such long periods of time Mr. Brown has stated that “After 2 years of denial and cover up, the Ward AME Church, greater AME Church, Inc. and Bishop John R. Bryant, have decided to settle the largest of sexual molestation claims that were pending against the church.” AME is the largest all black church in the world, with over 2,500 congregations.

“The victim (“John Doe”) can now finally move on from unbelievable anxiety, anger, embarrassment and backlash faced as a result of the Church’s head pastor, Sylvester Laudermill (deceased), multiple molestations and later attempts to cover up,” says Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown believes “the trial would have been a media circus and could have dealt a crushing blow to the organization, already suffering severely from other financial scandals and a crippling economy.”

According to Mr. Brown, the settlements with Bishop John R. Bryant and the AME Church, Inc. are confidential, subject to a $100,000 liquidated damages clause for revealing the settlement amount. Just before the trial, the least culpable defendant, Ward AME paid $300,000. “Of course, this was after their attorneys lead the slanderous charge against the victim, turned down a prior $100,000 settlement offer and ran up at least $400,000 in attorney’s fees!” says Mr. Brown