Ray Hall turns 39 today

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Today’s ‘Live Better With Willie Jolley’ Tip: Make Good Choices

Today’s tip for success is focused on helping you overcome this challenging economy. It is taken from my new book, Turn Setbacks Into Greenbacks. A friend once told me a story that his dad used to tell him: be willing to “go through the hedge to get to the other side.” In the process, there would be scratches and discomfort, but once he got to the other side, there would be amazing sights and sounds that could not be experienced before going through the hedge. If you make poor choices and don’t look to the future with high hopes and high expectations, you will not position yourself for the amazing things that are possible in the future.

Unfortunately, many people panic, make poor decisions and turn small molehills into major mountains that distract them and take them off track. And some make even worse decisions where they create permanent solutions for temporary problems. Never give up on life because you are in the midst of a storm. The sun will shine again! This too shall pass!

Visit my website at www.williejolley.com for more information on turning your setbacks into greenbacks, and make this a great day!


March 2: Ray Hall, NFL defensive tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars, is 39.


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Mar. 2, 1807: Congress banned the slave trade, prohibiting “the importation of slaves into the United States or the territories thereof” after January 1, 1808. (Source: www.BlackFacts.com)