There’s a slight bit of friction surrounding your love life this forecast period. It’s really not as much a big deal as you think. Rather, it seems you are in a power struggle with a loved one that reflects the need for more cooperation on your part. Selfishness can often derail a romance, so you must be willing to sacrifice short-term in order to secure a long-term and solid relationship. A new “You” will be discovered around the 13th.


Part of Aries’ message applies to you, but you are in the power position this period. However, you will feel more tension than normal on the 8th, when the Moon in Aquarius is in opposition to aggressive Mars in Leo, forming a harsh aspect that leads to a fraying of nerves with your loved one. A suggestion: expend your energy with a rousing romp in the sack with your favorite and significant other. The sexual release will bring you both closer together, not further apart, emotionally.


Career concerns dominate this forecast period, particularly when you find communications to be a bit easier than usual. It’s all due to your willingness to actually listen to others’ problems and then offering concrete and workable solutions. You are a hands-on person in an enviable position to rule on a nagging crisis wisely on the 6th. Understanding your own foibles, especially on the 7th, 8th and 9th allows others to grasp your goals, which will be spelled out on the 12th.


Charge ahead with career plans and don’t slack off for a minute. You innately understand that it really does take hard work to accomplish your goals, and you realize this fully on the 6th. The 8th and 9th are busy days financially, while the weekend is dedicated to doing others’ bidding. The 12th brings good news on a special project that will lead to incredible riches. Be aware of the intuitive nature you are endowed with. In other words, trust you psychic powers to see into the near future.


You are able to influence others without their feeling manipulated. With this easy persuasiveness, choose to reach out to key people to advance your projects on the 7th, 8th and 9th, when the Moon in your opposite sign of Aquarius. Your quirky ideas will then be seen as visionary. By the end of this forecast period, specifically the 12th, the fire will be lit and then you can sit back and watch others fight over how best to aid you in bringing that vision to reality.


Your forecast period begins with a captivating and steady movement toward your future goals. By the weekend, you will see just what the excitement is all about. Don’t hesitate to reach out to others on the 10th and 11th, great days for simply letting your hair down and partying hard. By the 12th, when the Moon in Pisces smashes head-on into Uranus, the planet of sudden unexpected changes, your world may be turned upside down – for the better.


With last week’s crazy activities behind you, it’s time to move forward toward your goals. Despite opposition, you will succeed with a grand plan that will dictate your future endeavors. At the beginning of this forecast, your keen organizational powers come out, so move confidently and make solid decisions without fear of retribution. By the end of this forecast, you will get a taste of what others think of your abilities, but the real test comes several days later.


Talk out your fears on the 12th, but do it in a methodical way. If you appear to be scattered on that day, others might be willing to brush you off as they might a mosquito. In order to get others to feel the full sting of the scorpion, trip them up with unorthodox methods from the 7th to the 9th. Smooth sailing over the weekend finds you solving all sorts of problems, particularly those that have prevented you from blossoming fully. You are the only one who knows what they are, so get going now.


The Sun in Aries during this forecast period works in Sagittarius’s favor, as both are fire signs and can feed off each others’ energy. In order for this combination to fully integrate, challenge your inner spirit to simply do the right thing in terms of the choices you make. This will be spurred when communications run smoothly from the 7th through the 9th. Don’t let the weekend bring you down, especially when your home life comes under scrutiny. You find that creature comforts must be appreciated.


For a brief day-long stint on the 6th, the Moon will end its stay in your sign, giving you the chance to put your stamp on your career and home. Money really matters in the middle of the week, much to your relief. When the weekend hits, reach out to others by coming out of winter hibernation and soaking in the springtime environment. What began on the 6th comes to full flower on the 12th. You find your home to be the source of an impulsive decision that day. Aggravation stems from not being fully informed.


The 7th through the 9th find you flexing your powers, what with the Moon in your sign. Oftentimes, this placement brings a touch of depression, as we tend to become more introspective than normal whenever the Moon traverses a sign. Use those three days to put your stamp on a favorite project, and get it completed by the 12th, when you can reveal your intentions without fear of rejection. The weekend brings a flood of financial support.


The 10th and 11th are strong days for Pisces, as the message from the Aquarius forecast is strikingly similar to yours when the Moon occupies your sign. You might just be the center of attention, or you may simply feel like pulling the blankets over your head and sleep in. Reject the latter, as people truly find your quiet demeanor to be just the remedy in their hectic lives. On the 12th, charge full steam ahead into a project that will undoubtedly reap tremendous benefits.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY: Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds Born April 10, 1958

With his Sun in Aries and the Moon in organizationally obsessed Capricorn, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds is one very ambitious human being. Perhaps the top pop/R&B producer of the ’80s and ’90s (with apologies to Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis), Babyface knew at a young age that he wanted to make his mark as a musician.

That’s the power of the Moon in Capricorn: it endows those born under its influence with wisdom far beyond their actual age, and gives the impact of being far more practical than their peers.

Mars is in Aquarius, which places a premium on communicating exactly what he wants to have done. It is softened by lovely Venus in Pisces, meaning that very little bothers him in the long term. Saturn in Sagittarius signifies a serious thinker, one who can harness Sagittarius’s urge to run free with far-reaching ideas.

He is able to rope in those ideas with an ease that is the envy of others – but he really and truly means well for all those in his inner circle.

Jupiter in Libra signals an impulse to actually go overboard in terms of his popularity, and that appears to be the case, what with his huge public following hanging on everything he puts out. Retrograde Mercury in Aries points to a love of the past, a trait that Babyface taps time and again in his music.

And with his Neptune in Scorpio and Uranus in Leo, love seems to be the one compelling theme in pretty much every song Babyface writes.

Listen and enjoy, for we may not hear another more universally loved music producer come down the road for a while.