*Someone put a bunch of hot buttered popcorn in NBA star Kenyon Martin’s Range Rover for April Fools Day, but he didn’t find it funny.

TMZ has obtained the expletive-filled audio recording of the athlete going off on his Denver Nuggets teammates after noticing how the popcorn messed up his white interior.  

“I swear to God, boy … when I find out who did it .. I’m gonna put my mother f*ckin’ hands on one of y’all,” he is heard saying in the tape.

Martin continued, “I’m gonna put my hands on whoever did it … you best believe dat … it’s f*ckin personal … you best believe it.”

Later, he found out that the guilty party was the driver of teammate J.R. Smith. The driver eventually apologized for the prank, but Martin wasn’t trying to hear it, according to TMZ.

Watch below, or listen to the uncensored version here.