*Roughly six weeks ago groups representing the nation’s Black farmers reached a $1 billion settlement with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to end a lawsuit in the which the farmers asserted that the government had discriminated against them for decades.

President Obama endorsed the deal and there appeared to be a happy end to a era of agricultural racism.

However, Congress had until March 31st to appropriate the money to pay for the settlement but so far it has failed to do so. Representatives of the Black farmers were on Capitol Hill last week pressuring Congressional leaders to come up with a way to fund the $1 billion deal.

Congress now has an end of may deadline to come up with a plan. An Angry Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association head Gary Grant issued a statement saying:

“We spend a billion dollars on a jet to go bomb somebody … and I just don’t see why Congress and the president can’t go ahead and find the funds.” (source: Taylor Media Services – www.BlackNewsJournal.net)