*President Barack Obama met with 20 Black religious leaders on Tuesday to discuss the major issues afflicting African Americans across the nation. While critics scrutinize and question whether or not the president has helped African Americans during this tough economic climate, the ministers prayed for his strength, wisdom and courage. They also challenged the president to create more summer jobs for youth and fill the next Supreme Court vacancy with a Black face.

Observers believe the meeting is a clear sign that Obama is making an effort to address the Black community. Member of the Congressional Black Caucus and public figure, Tavis Smiley have been known to openly criticize the president for his lack of action to address the job crisis and financial discrimination against Blacks, among other issues.

The preachers wrote a letter to the press saying, “President Obama has pursued policies that are crucial for our communities and the nation as a whole; and we cannot afford to lose courage and fortitude at this juncture,” the letter read. “President Obama has fought for us – and we must fight for him.”

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