*Sayed Rahman, 26 was sentenced 20 years to life for the vicious murder of Ingrid Rivera, 24 who attended rapper Lil’ Kim’s public party at New York City’s karaoke club Spotlight Live in 2008.

Rahman, an employee of the club, assisted intoxicated Rivera back into the venue after she had been kicked out. According to reports, the man lured Rivera to a secluded area of the club away from her friends before bludgeoning her and slicing her throat. Her body was found days later.

The murderer pleaded guilty in February, expressing regret and sympathy for the crime he committed. It is believed Rahman may have been intoxicated from drugs at the time of the crime. No motive for the crime has been provided.  

Rivera’s family members commented to the press that they are relieved the murderer has been caught, convicted and will serve his time in prison.

Lil’ Kim has not commented on the matter.