*On Wednesday, April 14th, the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee (MXCC) and a host of other supporting forces will host a joint press conference condemning the pending release of Talmadge Hayer, a confessed assassin of Malcolm X.  The press conference will take place at the Shabazz Center, which happens to be the remodeled Audubon Ballroom, where Malcolm was actually assassinated, at 12 noon. It’s located at 3940 Broadway in Washington Heights, near 163rd Street, on the second floor.

Hayer, also known as Thomas Hagen, was quietly granted parole on March 3rd. He is scheduled to be release from the NY State prison system on April 28th.  Hayer was the only assassin captured at the scene after having fired a handgun into Malcolm’s shotgunned body on that fateful February 21, 1965. He was joined in committing one of the “greatest crimes against our people” by Benjamin Thomas, Wilbur McKinley, William Bradley and Leon Davis. In later years, he admitted he had done a terrible thing and named these accomplices. The authorities did not pursue any of them. (more…)