*The Sirius satellite radio war of words between Howard Stern and Jamie Foxx has spiraled completely out of control, and Stern’s sidekick Robin Quivers says it’s all based on an obscene overreaction by Foxx and his radio crew to comments made about Gabourey Sidibe.

When Foxx heard the now infamous clip of Stern and Quivers discussing Gabby’s weight, declaring she is too big to ever have longevity as an actress, he came to the Oscar nominee’s defense on his Foxxhole radio show, leveling personal attacks against the Stern camp in the process.

Quivers, in particular, was referred to as “house ni**erish” by Foxx, while his co-host Corey Holcomb began making light of the child molestation Quivers said she suffered at the hands of her father.

Stern then blasted back by suggesting he has proof that Foxx is gay, which prompted a denial by Foxx and a charge that “Coward Stern” has “chronic gonorrhea.”

The latest incident took place on live television yesterday when a famous Stern fan, posing as an expert on the deadly West Virginia coal mine explosion, was able to get through to anchor Shepard Smith and begin calling out Foxx before he was abruptly cut off.

Just how did things get so ugly?

In an exclusive interview with EUR’s Lee Bailey, Quivers says this whole back-and-forth nonsense could’ve been avoided had Foxx and other critics not forced the issue of race into their original comments about Gabby.

“They’re reacting to something they didn’t hear, and again, they’re reacting to something that we didn’t say,” said Quivers. “They’re making it into a black/white issue. We were simply talking about the girl’s career prospects and her health.”

“[Howard’s] opinion was that she would never have a great career in Hollywood because of her size,” Quivers continued. “My opinion was that she’s really unhealthy and that somebody should be talking to her about that.

“It’s about the fact that somebody [was saying to Gabby] ‘Oh, you go girl, now go have another piece of fried chicken,’ [when] they should’ve said, ‘Okay you know what? Alright, you did that role, you needed to look this way for this role, and maybe now you should be addressing your health.’  Because, if you really want to work in Hollywood, you need to be able to do different things.”

To the haters, Quivers adds, “Go ahead now and make something out of that and start calling us names.”

Quivers, currently promoting her 15 Foundation philanthropic organization, says she is fully aware of her reputation as a “sellout” among some black folks, but her question is, “Sold out for what, and to who?”

“I was called, I think, a house Negro,” she said. “I think the times have changed and I think that you have to update your terms, because I don’t know exactly what you’re trying to say about me.  And where have I sold out to? Again, I say exactly how I feel, exactly what I want. If it doesn’t agree with what you think I should be saying, then there’s something wrong with everyone thinking that just because my skin is a certain color, we all think alike. That, again, is a real problem.”

Bottom line, she says, “I can’t have other people’s opinions. I’m sorry, I can’t do that for you. If that’s selling out, then I sold out. What they’re saying is that, ‘You should have my opinion. And if you don’t have my opinion, you’re selling out.’ But, I don’t know how it’s not selling out if I have your opinion, and it’s not my opinion.”