"America's Newsroom" anchor Megyn Kelly

*So what exactly was Fox News Channel reporting while the other two cable news outlets were broadcasting the president’s eulogy of Dorothy Height? One of the stories wasn’t even real news.

As previously reported, CNN and MSNBC covered Obama’s eulogy Thursday morning from Washington National Cathedral, while Fox News opted to remain with its regular “America’s Newsroom” programming, directing viewers to its live stream of Height’s service on foxnews.com.

During President Obama’s 13-minute eulogy, FNC instead explored new arguments that a recent Noah’s Ark sighting is real despite having been proven a hoax by multiple sources.

Ben Dimiero of progressive outlet Media Matters for America explains:

Earlier this week, numerous conservative blogs and Web sites were promoting a story about a team of evangelical researchers who supposedly ‘found’ Noah’s Ark in Turkey. The story is quite obviously a hoax, and when it made the jump to FoxNews.com, they were ridiculed for promoting it in their ‘Science’ section.

This morning, Fox News decided that this ridiculous “story” merited some on-air coverage, and America’s Newsroom devoted several minutes to “Noah’s Ark.” This wouldn’t be so notable if it came on a morning during which nothing else of note was going on, but Fox News ran this segment while President Obama eulogized civil rights legend Dorothy Height.

Fox News clearly thought they had found an archeologist who would lend credence to the idea that this may actually be Noah’s Ark — host Martha MacCallum introduced Eric Cline from George Washington University by saying that “you say that there’s a pretty good chance that this is it.” Unfortunately for Fox, as evidenced in the video above, Cline shot numerous holes in the “finding” and labeled it as possible “pseudo-science” or a “hoax.”

Media Matters noted that Fox also ran a story about bears during the president’s eulogy.

Dr. Height’s funeral service was also streamed live on C-Span2, theGrio.com and BET.com, starting at 10 a.m. EST. Some featured commentary. TV One also aired the 90-minute service live, with Roland Martin hosting..

The main BET channel featured “news updates” during its regular programming but aired the service on its secondary Centric channel. (A spokeswoman said the number of cable systems carrying that channel “has not been fully determined yet.”)

C-Span announced it would air Wednesday night’s memorial service in its entirety at 8 p.m. EST Friday.