*According to reports, former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland had to go into hissy fit mode because of the ill treatment to the singer and her traveling companions by Quantas Airlines flight attendants.

The incident happened Thursday on a flight to Australia. Reports say Rowland berated the Australian cabin crew for treating her entourage like “five-year-old kids”.

According to News.com.au, Rowland went off on the flight assistants after disembarking the plane, accusing them of being “rude.”

“I found the flight attendants really sh*tty. I don’t know why. You tell me,” she said to reporters. “They were very rude to us. That’s the first time you’ll ever hear me say a curse word. They were just rude to us on the plane. They treated us like five-year-old kids. I don’t know. Every time I’ve flown Qantas it’s always been fantastic. (But this time) it was rather unpleasant.”

The incident happened while Rowland and her crew traveled from Melbourne to Sydney to perform.