Chaka Khan

*The California Democratic Convention was in town and the democrats were partying and celebrating big time, all the while accumulating donations for a variety of propositions to benefit the people of California.  

California Assemblyman, Isadore Hall hosted a serious party till you drop affair at The Conga Room.  I am learning that there is no party like a political campaign party.  Hollywood celebs have to take a back seat to these crisp suit, white shirt and tie events.

Glasses were clinking, attendees were ordering plates of fish and chips, quesadillas and pizza. LOL, I didn’t know the Conga Room even served pizza. Thought it was limited to morro, plantain, yucca and pollo or camarones fricasee. Now I know.

The place was jammed packed from the main floor to the side stage VIP area to the ultra ultra exclusive glass encased VIP seats on an upper balcony.

When I arrived, my connect to the party (Ingrid Hutt), greeted my photographer and me and escorted us to VIP seats down front and center which was roped off. There I spotted Congresswoman Maxine Waters, ran into an old college friend and quickly noticed Wendy Raquel Robinson from the Steve Harvey show. My keen eye also spotted Aundrae Russell from KJLH who served as MC.

Isadore Hall seen with Wendy Raquel Robinson celebrating the Democratic Convention and partying to the sounds of legendary Funk & R&B diva Chaka Khan

Host Isadore Hall and Ingrid Hutt worked hard to make this night a huge success

Isadore Hall, surprisingly is a young man full of vitality, vigor and passion for his job and those he serves. Generally you think of politicians as people 50 to 100. It was refreshing to see a young fresh face who was extremely intelligent and knowledgeable about the issues facing our state and our country. After warm introductions, I took my seat walking tall like a dignitary and awaited Chaka Khan to take the stage. Rahsaan Patterson was the opening act and he was phenomenal. About an hour after his set, it was time for the main attraction, Ms. Chaka Khan. Of course there was the build up with her intro music and right away it became clear that this party was going to hit high voltage levels. First there was an announcement that no photos could be taken of Chaka and that was disappointing. I so like to have an accompanying pic to match my reports, but ladies and gents, I will do my best to describe it to you so you can use your imagination for the visuals.

Ms. Khan entered the stage like a cheetah with a lion’s mane. Her hair was wild but not unruly and the stage lights cast a burgundy hue atop her head. Two big diamond hoop earrings framed her face and she was dressed in a black skintight spandex type body suit with a shimmery black velvet corset to give her an hourglass form. A sheer cheetah patterned full-length covering draped her voluptuous curves and her face was smooth and flawless. In fact Chaka looked very much the same as she did in the 80’s. She has not aged. I could not believe that looking so good, photos were not permitted.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters was spotted in the crowd. I courtsie to this magnificent lady. She is a fighter, a winner and go-getter

On stage, fans were strategically placed blowing air on the mega star to keep her cool while performing. At one point with her hair blowing wildly in the breeze, she looked like Sheera heralded from the sky above the African plain.

Chaka, sang and sang so many of her popular hits such as What cha Gonna do For Me, Through the Fire, I Feel For You among others and closed out with many women’s favorite I’m Every Woman.  Everyone was up on his or her feet, clapping and singing along with the star. I was caught up also, chair dancing for most of her set and then getting up and busting some dance moves in my spot.  Chaka has got “it” and always will.

Eugenia Wright a/k/a Kleopatra Girl

After her set, the Conga Room cleared the chairs, striked the set and contemporary R&B music blared through the speakers. Then the party went to the next and final phase, salsa baby, dancing all night long. The new Conga Room is very exciting because it offers a harmonious blend of R&B and Latin music performers.

Isadore Hall threw a hot joint is jumpin’ memorable party. Oh, yeah, I’m partying with the Democrats from now on. Hollywood ain’t got nothing on these cats.

Eugenia Wright is a former actress turned internationally syndicated columnist/publicist. You may write to her at [email protected]

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Photo Credit:  Donald Carraway