Dr. Conrad Murray looks downward while his attorney Ed Chernoff addresses Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Keith L. Schwartz at Feb. 8, 2010 arraignment.

*It looks like Dr. Conrad Murray will definitely go to trial over claims that his actions led to the death of his former patient, Michael Jackson.

Murray’s lawyer said Thursday there will be no plea bargain in the involuntary manslaughter case, however he expressed concerns over whether an impartial jury can be seated for a trial that involves the death of arguably the world’s most popular and idolized entertainer.

“There is a real concern that we have about getting a group of jurors that are going to come into court and are not going to have any preconceived notions of guilt,” said Murray’s lawyer Ed Chernoff. But publicity in this case is everywhere, he said, so seeking a change of venue is unlikely.

“The problem is we have this around-the-world stuff. Even in the O.J. Simpson trial, people in Uganda didn’t care about it. But in this case, they care in Uganda and everywhere else.”

An autopsy report found Jackson died from an overdose of the powerful anesthetic propofol. In a statement to police, Murray acknowledged giving Jackson the drug and other sedatives to help him sleep, then briefly leaving his bedside. Cell phone records show he made at least three personal calls around the time Jackson was stricken.

A Jackson employee who said he was in the room while Murray worked to save the pop star told police the doctor interrupted CPR to collect drug vials.

Deputy District Attorney David Walgren will seek to prove the doctor acted with “gross negligence” when he gave the singer propofol to help him sleep.

Murray maintains his innocence, and Chernoff has said nothing that he gave Jackson “should have” killed him.