*Lil Wayne is putting his way with words to good use in prison.

The rapper, serving a year-long sentence on a gun charge, has taken on the job of inmate observation aide at Rikers Island, according to New York Daily News.

Weezy works the midnight tour and socializes with at-risk inmates at the jail’s Eric M. Taylor Center, according to the paper.

“He mingles with them. It’s not a physical job at all, and it’s better than working the kitchen or sanitation,” said a source.

The position earns 50 cents an hour, which is a little less than the $42 million he banked last year.

“It’s probably the best job you can have in the jail,” said a source. “It’s the highest paying job in there.”

Suicide prevention aides, as they’re also known, are recommended by correction officers or volunteer for the gig. The chosen inmates must take courses to learn how to deal with their at-risk counterparts.

The job allows Lil Wayne to work without having to stray too far from his housing unit.

“Given his high profile, this is a work assignment that he can fulfill without having to move around the larger part of the jail,” said a correction source.

Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, pleaded guilty in October after a semiautomatic pistol was found on his tour bus in 2007.