Michael Joseph Lockwood II

*Retired WNBA star Lisa Leslie, 37, is sharing photos of her new son Michael Joseph II, who arrived nearly a full month early.

Not due until May 1, the baby made his way out on April 6, the basketball star told People Moms & Babies. Leslie, who has a 2 ½ year old daughter Lauren Jolie with husband Michael Lockwood, explains what happened in the following Q&A:

On April 5th I was experiencing a series of contractions. According to my doctor, it was pretty normal for me because I had an excessive amount of amniotic fluid; however, those contractions got to be five minutes apart.

We didn’t want MJ to try and come out naturally since I had already had a c-section with Lauren because she was breech. I was scheduled for my second c-section on April 24th — a week before my due date of May 1st.

The doctors tried to slow down my contractions by giving me an IV, but a few hours later MJ turned head down and the pressure increased. The doctors knew it was time and MJ had decided!

This was unexpected so I just kept praying, “Lord he will come in your time, not mine.” I was so uncomfortable but I was determined not to have my baby taken out early for my own selfish reasons. Thank God, it was really MJ’s time. He’s here and healthy!

Were there health concerns initially or was everything okay?  

The biggest health concern was his lung development. When he was born, I saw his chest caving in and he was struggling a little, but baby MJ fought hard and each breath got stronger and stronger. He did not need any oxygen to assist him with his breathing. For the first two days, I could hear him breathing and every day the sound faded. By the time we left the hospital on day three, he was breathing normally without a sound.

How is Lauren dealing with having a baby around?

Overall, Lauren has been a great help. It’s important to make sure the oldest child is able to bond with the new baby. I had both them in the bed with me at the hospital and Lauren thinks MJ is her baby.

She tells everyone at gymnastics, swimming and dance class that she has a little brother and that she’s a big sister now!

Now as far as I go, I’m not high on her list right now because she knows our routine has changed. But I have been providing her with little surprise gifts and stealing kisses every moment I get. She will come back around … I hope!

Lauren Jolie, 2 1/2, kisses her little brother Michael Joseph II