*According to MSNBC, Wednesday morning a Wisconsin man visiting his family in Chicago opened fire on his family at approximately 4:30am in the Marquette Park neighborhood.  The man, obviously insane, told someone close to the investigation that he heard “voices” that told him to kill his family.

If documents in Wisconsin are correct, the man and his wife had just won a paternity suit to gain joint custody of a 7-month old boy.  The discrepancy from said documents are in the spelling of the wife and boy’s names.

Before breaking into tears, the gunman’s sister, Letisha Larry, 30, told reporters that her brother was not a “bad” guy.  She also told them that he had been reading islamic text lately that made him believe that he should kill someone.  Don’t you hate when a heinous act is committed and someone comes out of the woodwork to say how wonderful a person the fool was?  (more…)