*First Lady Michelle Obama is about to make her first visit first visit international visit without the president.

Next week she’s headed to Mexico where she will dine with Felipe Calderon and Margarita Zavala in a prelude to the state dinner President Obama will host for the Mexican president and first lady in May.

Mrs. Obama will also attend a conference on reducing American demand for the drugs supplied by Mexican cartels, will and speak to students at Universidad Iberoamericana, Politics Daily reports.

“Mrs. Obama’s international agenda will amplify the President’s commitment to advancing mutual interests, mutual respect and mutual responsibility between nations and peoples around the world,” the White House said in a statement. “During this visit, Mrs. Obama will have the opportunity to engage the citizens of Mexico, particularly young people, and build on her recent conversation with Mexican First Lady Margarita Zavala de Calderon on the issues of education and economic advancement in both countries.”