Monica Conyers

*If you’ve been wondering what ever happened to the bombastic and outspoken ex-Detroit City Council member Monica Conyers, she told the Detroit News that she’s re-enrolled in an unnamed divinity school since resigning last year and pleading guilty to a felony bribery charge.

“I like it,” said Conyers, the wife of U.S. Rep. John Conyers, D-Detroit. “It gives me peace. With all this craziness, I should have fallen down, plopped over and killed myself. But I don’t give up like that.”

Conyers wouldn’t name of the school and said she has no ambitions of becoming a pastor. Instead, she’d like to become a counselor.

Meanwhile, Conyers is fighting last month’s 37-month sentence for accepting cash for her 2007 vote on Synagro Technologies Inc. She expressed optimism about her appeal, but declined comment on the case at her lawyers’ suggestion.

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