*A newly released study concludes that the soaring imprisonment of African Americans over the past 40 years has been driven in major measure by racism.

Criminologists James Unnever of the University of South Florida-Sarasota and Francis Cullen of the University of Cincinnati found that “racial resentments are inextricably entwined in public punitiveness.”

Stated differently, racism and the rise of “tough on crime” policies go hand in hand.

The study parallels the conclusions of civil rights attorney Michelle Alexander who found in her recent book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, that the American prison system has so sweepingly and consistently targeted African American men that it has effectively created a new racial caste system.

She writes in the book’s introduction:

“I came to see that mass incarceration in the United States had, in fact, emerged as a stunningly comprehensive and well-disguised system of racialized social control …” (source: Taylor Media Services – www.BlackNewsJournal.net )