*Oprah Winfrey is saying hell-to-the-naw as far as taking a DNA test to prove she isn’t the daughter of an elderly Mississippi man.

Winfrey, who takes her name from her stepfather, Vernon Winfrey, never knew her biological Dad.

Recently her life has come under scrutiny in new tell-all book “Oprah: A Biography,” with writer Kitty Kelley who claims to know the real identity of her father.

And then, just like that, Noah Robinson, 84, a Second World War veteran, is claiming he is her dad – and says he begged her for a DNA test that would prove they are kin.

Noah Robinson

Well, if you think you know Oprah, we bet you’re not surprised to find out she is not pleased or surprised and said so as she addressed the audience at the New York Women in Communications Matrix Awards on Monday.

“New daddies are saying, ‘Hello daughter, call me, I need a new roof.'”

The bottom line is that the media mogul and billionaire won’t be reaching out to Robinson (and several others making Daddy claims) – and is refusing to agree to any requests for a DNA test.

“I will not be taking a paternity test, ever. I’ve never heard of him (Robinson). I know who is claiming to be my real father,” she told the NY Post.