*Earth Day’s 40th anniversary is being ushered in by none other than John Legend, The Roots, Q-Tip and other headlining artists this Sunday, April 25 at the National Mall in Washington D.C.

As they join forces to bring spark consciousness about the needs of the planet, the artists are encouraging Congress to pass clean-energy legislation to protect the environment.

Music artists and tree huggers world wide will be holding celebrations and concerts in effort to spark a little more earth love in the hearts of earthlings everywhere.

Ziggy Marley and Taj Mahal will be performing at the Kokua Festival at Waikiki Shell in Honolulu, Ha two nights in a row (a great place to be on Earth Day).

Forty years ago, on April 22, former Wisconsin Senator, Gaylord Nelson introduced Earth Day to the world in an attempt to create awareness about environmental issues. Since that day, the world has heeded and gathered to save the planet through clean-energy and conservation.

For more information about Earth Day visit www.earthday.org.