In the front: Michael Colyar; in the rear: Judge Craig Strong in his pimped out suit, the Real, Luenell, Chance, Red Grant and Trueful

*Celebrities caught boogie fever baby at the One Nation Under a Cause: 70’s Disco Ball held at the site of the once popular 70’s club The Catch One now renamed Jewels Catch One. Well, I can tell you the ghosts of yesteryear were partying hardy with the new breed.

Michael Colyar (Host) and Luenell (Host of the Gong Show) had the biggest afros of the night. Luenell informed EURweb that she pulled out some clothes from way way way back in the dayyaaayo. But what about that wig Lu Lu girl? Was that the Foxy Brown or Cleopatra Jones look?

Full coverage of this event produced by Brandy Sanders founder of The Kierrah Foundation to post soon in Kleopatra Girl’s Ringside Report. There were so many stars in getups, wait till you read the inside scoop.

On the QT, Kleopatra Girl dressed in Gold Finger gold was waiting for Disco Daddy, but he never showed up.

Caption:  Eugenia Wright a/k/a EURweb’s Kleopatra Girl
Photo:  Donald Carraway