Real, Luenell and Chance were all down for the cause (Photo: Vinni Ratcliff)

*When Brandy Sanders founder of the Kierrah Foundation that assists girls transitioning out of foster care, decided to throw a fundraiser with a 70s disco theme, I don’t think she realized she would create such a huge electric disco-boogie fever in 2010, in LA.  

The place for the throw down was Jewels Catch One formerly The Catch One on Pico and although it looked like it could use a little renovation here and there, the ghosts of yesteryear must have caught the spirit of the new breed, because the place was on and popping. There was a parade of stars wearing platform shoes, wild out afros like host Michael Colyar and belle of The Gong Show Luenell.  

Kathleen Bradley former “Barker’s Beauty” was not to be out done coming in looking much like she did when she sang in the famous singing group signed to Motown “The Love Machine.”  Well the cameras were certainly in love with Ms. Bradley aka “Mrs. Parker” (her character in the cult classic film Friday). Kathleen bent over and shook a little tail feather in her tight fitting gold spandex pants. She is an ageless beauty.  On hand with Kat was her son Terrence who is starting his own singing group. Yep, the chip doesn’t go far from the block, he’s got show biz feev.

Luenell brought her pretty daughter Da’Nelle another up and comer, who was dressed wearing the popular seventies head band on her forehead a la Ms. La Toya Jackson. Lu’s pal and tour compadre comedian Red Grant was also present.

Pop singer Trueful did a rendition of “My Girl” but due to some tech difficulties (keyboard plug-ins were not operable) he wasn’t able to deliver as rehearsed, but displayed true showmanship adhering to the stage motto that “the show must go on.” He was commended by many for being a trueper. 2-Uneek two adorable young brother and sister fraternal twins singing team were so patient and were the last talent to perform. They sang a Michael Jackson number infusing old school and new.

Reality stars Real and Chance created quite a media frenzy. The two handsome young brothers were bombarded with fans and press.

Comedienne Annie McKnight was also in the house wearing her afro like the coif was made for her. And there were some celebs like Judge Craig Strong who never left the 70’s.  Eurweb’s Kleo girl went dressed in a solid gold 14k shimmering dress and matching gold leather coat and gold blinging handbag.  She couldn’t find any 70’s clothing but did manage to dress disco appropriate. Her gold caught the eye of the doorman whose name was Fourteen Karat (LOL) who told her she could do whatever she wanted.

Star maker David Levi was seen busily networking and posing with the prettiest females in the house, while producer/filmmaker Cassius Weathersby took the opposite stance keeping a low profile even though he was being honored. Cassius is cool like that, but his work speaks volumes. Just check out his IMDB status.

Filmmaker Miriam Holder-Jacobs was seen doing what she does best and that is hooking everyone up for jobs. She is a deal maker for sure and knows everyone in town. Want a job hook up with Miri.

I really got a kick when gorgeous BET diva/dancer/singer Porscha Coleman walked in with her mom Betty. They had two huge afros and as they walked together, the afros must have measured a yard and a half wide.  Their clothes were authentic too. Must have been from Betty’s closet who was a foxy brown type in the 70’s. She reigned supreme as a former Ms. Scoop of the Week back in the day, alongside another person, I know very well, eh emmm.  

Late in the evening I spotted soul singer Brenda Lee Eager. It’s always nice to see her, but she decided not to go with the funk. Her name alone signifies soooooooul all the way live. She doesn’t need fancy retro hook ups. She’s the real deal, child.

Just out for fun were entertainers Cherrue and singer Fawn.  Gorgeous model Alana Chandler (Janice Dickinson models) also made an appearance.

Very dramatic fashion designer, Parris Harris and his models presented a juicy fashion show. He delivered the big, the small and the all the way large models. And, the guys, they were all washboard status. Celeb trainer Sam Bell another washboard type made an appearance looking very dapper, very Sam Bell.

Kurtis Blow was scheduled to appear because he was being honored but ended up a no show.  

I could go on about this event. I was having fun, till a chair fell on my foot. A little soak, a little epsom and I’ll be good to go to my next event. Ain’t no stopping me now.

Brandy, you did good. This has got to be a yearly so all the 70’s icons can come out to play and bask once again like they did in their glory day. Kleo -Out

Eugenia Wright is a former actress turned syndicated columnist/publicist. You may write to her at [email protected]

Da'Nelle, Michael Colyar, Porscha Coleman and Trueful looked like characters from Superfly, Blakula, Coffey and Lady Sings the Blues meets The Gong Show...boing! (Photo: Vinni Ratcliff)

EURweb's Kleo girl was on the look out for Disco Daddy (LB), but he never showed up (Photo: Vinni Ratcliff)

Former Barker Beauty (Price Is Right) Kathleen Bradley came to party for a cause (Photo: Vinni Ratcliff)