*You knew this was coming.

In Touch magazine is the first to allege that a drug relapse is the real reason behind Whitney Houston’s tour postponements in Europe this week.

The publication is quoting a source who claims he witnessed the songstress sneaking a snort of cocaine last month at a Los Angeles hotel, just weeks before the start of her European tour that has since been postponed.

Below is the In Touch press release:

In Touch can reveal shocking claims from onlookers at the Beverly Wilshire hotel in LA who were surprised on March 10 when the singer walked into the bar, appearing disheveled and out of it. According to eyewitness Marlon David, Whitney was with her ex-husband, Bobby Brown, and she seemed oblivious to who might be watching when she began screaming, “I want a f***in’ drink!” followed by expletives. While Whitney’s rep vehemently denies that she’s using drugs, David, who was sitting just a table away from Whitney and Bobby, tells In Touch exclusively: “I saw her pull a plastic bag out, put a folded bill to her nose and discreetly snort a line from it of what to me certainly looked like cocaine. She’s extremely thin and looks like a disaster. She’s a hot mess.”

As previously reported, Houston has cancelled several dates on her European tour due to a respiratory infection.