*Is there more to shockjock Howard Stern’s sidekick Robin Quivers than meets the eye? She spends her weekdays helping him needle everyone under the sun. The two made the news recently for their not too kind remarks about Oscar-nominee Gabourey Sidibe’s weight and health. But now Quivers is showing us her soft side with the launch of her philanthropic “15 Foundation,” which helps people in need.  

After adding fuel to Tiger Wood’s fire by co-hosting a Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant on the air with radio show partner Howard Stern, Quivers headed to Miami for the launch of her foundation’s first event, a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of South Beach, which was damaged by flood.  

“The Boys and Girls Club of South Beach serves the immigrant community of South Beach,” Quivers told EUR’s Lee Bailey. “These are the people who clean the hotels, and are behind the scenes at restaurants… the invisible people. The club serves 300 children. They do their homework in a safe environment, they work on their computer and reading skills and they get to play and game or two.”  

Quivers’ 15 Foundation raised money for new games for the club, all of which were lost in the flood.

Why the name 15 Foundation? As a tennis fan, Quivers explains that 15, to her, means “start.”  It is the first point in a tennis match and her foundation is the first step in her plan to affect change in her lifetime.  

“The 15 Foundation is an organization started by me and some friends who have like minds,” says Howard Stern’s sidekick. “Just like the president said when he was being inaugurated, it’s up to us to get involved and be part of the kind of country that we want to have.”

Quiver’s foundation seeks out organizations and people who are doing commendable work and provides them with funds and visibility by creating fun multi-media fundraising events for them.

Look for Robin Quiver’s Summer Comedy Event in NY and her Hampton’s Fundraiser this summer.  She is also planning a major event in Napa Valley, California which she hopes will raise a record amount of funds and become one of the top annual A list fundraisers.

For more info, go to www.15foundation.org.