*Well someone has moved on.

Shaunie O’Neal, the soon-to-be divorced wife of NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, made sure to take her new 23-year-old model boyfriend Marlon Yates for a stroll on a paparazzi-filled beach.

“He’s very mature,” says Shaunie, 35, who adds that the couple’s age difference is a benefit. “The age thing keeps it fun. The energy level, being out on the beach. He is working out all the time and he inspires me [to work out].”

The couple met through a mutual family friend in November, the same month Shaunie filed for divorce from Shaq.

The two are getting in some quality “alone time” while her kids are visiting family during their school’s spring break. The couple took “a big step” in their relationship by going to vacation together for the first time, she tells People.com.

“We’ve been hanging out on the beach, swimming,” she says. “I’ve got a great tan and I’m having a good time.”

Shaunie executive produces and stars in VH1’s new reality series, “Basketball Wives,” which premieres April 11.