*Marion “Suge” Knight’s missed a court date in Miami after getting into a car accident in which he reportedly lost several teeth.

The former Death Row Records CEO is suing Kanye West over a 2005 incident in which he was allegedly shot in the femur and robbed at an event hosted by the rapper at South Beach’s Shore Club.

Suge, who wants Kanye to pay his medical bills, was due to arrive in Miami last week for a deposition in the case but was forced to skip the date because of his injuries, according to his lawyer Marc Brumer.

“He was in a pretty serious car accident. He lost a couple of teeth, he’s in pain, and he can’t speak,” Brumer told the Miami New Times.

“People shouldn’t underestimate Suge Knight,” Brumer added. “He’s a very adept businessman. He’s a mess, but he’s sharp. Nobody likes Kanye West anymore. Even though he’s still selling millions of records, everybody’s sick of him.”

Suge’s 2009 federal lawsuit against Kanye also seeks damages for “the cost of a private plane to transport him from Florida back to Los Angeles” and a $135,000 diamond earring that Knight claims was stolen in the melee.

The Shore Club’s owners were also named as defendants in the suit.