*John Tesh has released a statement confirming a passage in author Kitty Kelly’s new tell-all book about Oprah Winfrey that claimed he once dated the famous talk show host. However, he did not comment on further claims that he ended the relationship because she was black.

The book “Oprah: A Biography” claims Tesh and Winfrey didn’t just date, but lived together for a short period in the 1970’s. It goes on to say Tesh abruptly ended the relationship one night when he noticed their contrasting skin colors while in bed and couldn’t handle being in an interracial relationship.

Tesh has not commented on the book’s explanation for their split, but did tell his former employer “Entertainment Tonight”: “Oprah and I were cub reporters in Nashville nearly 40 years ago and we dated for a short time. We even talked about it during one of my appearances on her show. We remain friends to this day.”

Winfrey’s camp has yet to comment on anything in Kelly’s unauthorized biography, which hit stores on Tuesday.

Tesh, 57 and a born again Christian, is now married to actress Connie Sellecca.