Al Green turns 64 today

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Today’s ‘Live Better with Willie Jolley’ Tip: Don’t Quit!  

Today’s ‘Live Better’ tip for Success is focused on helping you over come this challenging economy. It is taken from my new book, Turn Setbacks Into Greenbacks. Get a copy today…you’ll be glad you did!  

In order to turn your setbacks into comebacks, and eventually greenbacks, it is essential that you do not quit! Statistics show that most people do not achieve their goals and dreams because they give up. And often, they give up when they are within striking distance of their goal. I have a family member who worked hard to develop a team for her network marketing company. When she got her first check, it was less than she had expected and she got angry and quit; not realizing that all streams start with a drip.  

I can remember when I started writing books. Initially, I was just making a few pennies per book. Then, as more people started talking about the books and telling their friends, my pennies turned into dimes, then quarters, then dollars- all because I did not stop! Whatever you do… don’t stop! Don’t quit!

Visit my website at for more information on turning your setbacks into greenbacks, and make this a great day!  


April 13: Musician Al Green is 64. Singer-bassist Louis Johnson of The Brothers Johnson is 55. Actress Saundra Santiago (“Miami Vice”) is 53. Singer Lou Bega is 35. 

Sidney Poitier wins an Oscar for "Lilies of the Field"


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Apr. 13, 1964: Sidney Poitier wins Best Actor Academy Award for his role in “Lilies of the Field.” (Source: