*Ok, here is the scenario. One of your homegirls, not a childhood friend that you see once every two years, or an associate or a co-worker, but a homegirl, tells you she met a dude that she is really feeling. She wants you to meet him, so she invites you over to her house one day when he is there.

So you’re game, you go to her house and as soon as she introduces him to you, you realize it is someone that you use to mess with in the past. Question, do you tell her or do you let it ride and don’t say a word?

I have offered this scenario to several people and I have gotten mixed responses. However, most men, well damn near every man wanted to know! If he was dating a woman that his homeboy used to date he would want to know about it.

I was told it was a territorial thang with men. One example that was given to me was, say you and dude started out on the same job in the same position, now fast forward 5 years later and you are now …