*Actors Zoe Saldana and Idris Elba and the rest of the cast of the new action flick “The Losers” hope to be winners at the box office this weekend. The movie, based on the graphic novel of the same name, opens nationwide today.

It tells the story of members of an elite Special Forces unit that was double crossed looking for payback. Saldana stars as Aisha, a femme fatale that teams up with the group as they weave through gunfire and explosions.

Zoe Saldana

“It was exhausting,” Saldana said of gearing up to the do the mass action. “Sometimes you ask yourself, ‘Is this going to have any permanent damage?’ The reality is that it’s fun, it looks great, and it’s the least that I can do.”

“We have very privileged professions,” she continued. “For three months we get paid a lot of money to give the audience a really good adventure. I’ve always been one of those that if I can tell that it was not the actor doing that stunt, you’ve lost me. We really wanted to go as far as we could physically go. The reward when you get to see a scene and see your entire team, from your director to your actors and your stunt coordinator and everyone is gleaming, it’s just great. You feel really happy.”

Saldana said that it was extremely important for the actors to trust the cast and crew in order to execute the stunts convincingly.

“When you have the most amazing, professional crew, you know that if you fall they’re going to catch you. If they don’t, they better run,” she joked. “I’m guiding myself with everything that they’ve done and they’ve basically choreographed for me. It’s with the intention of getting it done and not getting hurt. When you have that trust, you can really focus on the character and on what you’ve been rehearsing and working really hard to accomplish.”

“There’s an element like when you go to the circus, there’s an element where you see the performers and they’re doing these real stunts and their faces are alive and they’re smiling. I think we have an element of that, especially in this film where we have a crew that loves us and they want to see how we’re going to do this stunt and still act,” Elba added. “That’s one of the challenges that just keeps the whole thing alive.”

Idris Elba

“If I don’t feel that I can trust my stunt coordinator or I can’t trust the camera department or I can’t trust the director that they will yell cut in case I get hurt, I’m not going to put myself there,” Saldana said.

“And it’s kudos to us if we can throw a joke in while we’re doing something really cool and dangerous. Those subtle things, the audience picks up on.”

The cast agreed that while there is a lot of action and gunfire in the film, it’s not nearly as graphic as the novel or other films of the same vein.

“This takes it back kind of to the 80s action movie where there’s a bad guy and there are the good guys and it is obvious that they’ve been wronged and that have to bring justice for all and save the day,” Saldana said of the storyline. “That’s a different kind of violence; it feels morally coordinated, as opposed to let me just shoot this person.”

She also added the same sentiment to gratuitous sexuality. Her character’s sex appeal is a quite evident in the film, but the actress said that there is certainly a place for it.

“The reality is that we’re soldiers. Men, as trained soldiers, they are going try to do everything within their power to get the mission done. A woman would be no different. She’s a soldier. If her physical assets are a weapon that she can use, then by all means we’re not overly exploiting this,” she said.

“The unconventional feel of the film allows us to watch Aisha be a real bad-ass and also sexy at the same time in the same way that it allows Jensen (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)to be quite a campy character and bad-ass soldier,” Elba agreed. “That’s the tone of the film. In this film the characters are so unconventional and the stories are so well balanced, it allows us to have that freedom. Of course you top that off with a bit of humor and some great characters you have yourself a great film.”

“You have yourself a great action movie,” Saldana added.

For more on “The Losers,” also starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Columbus Short, and Jason Patrick, visit www.the-losers.com.

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