*Tiger Woods is giving his fans a shout-out for supporting his return to golf earlier this month at the Masters – his first tournament since the sex scandal broke in November.

“I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the fans, but they were absolutely incredible,” he writes. “It was unreal. They definitely helped me mentally be more comfortable out there … To get that type of warmth is something I did not expect and will never forget.”

The golfer, 34, says it was good to be back, but he’s rusty and needs more practice.

“It also felt great to be in the hunt again, but unfortunately, I didn’t have my game,” he writes. “I knew I needed to make a run, but I just didn’t have one in me.”

But Woods is not a sore loser and congratulates the man who dominated at the Masters.

“I want to congratulate Phil Mickelson on the win and for all it means to him, Amy and the entire Mickelson family,” he says.

Meanwhile, the tabloids are reporting Woods was photographed playing a round of golf yesterday with NBA legend and close friend, Michael Jordan.