*I have never had a hard time reconciling my anti-organized religion beliefs. There are many and sundry reasons for this. First and foremost is a gnawing irritation of those who accept the bible as the absolute word of god.

Most have never actually follow the thread of near insanity it takes to truly believe in such man-made drivel (italics are mine).

There are so many contradictions, vicious and outright hatred of others, misogyny, rape and murder contained in both the New and Old Testaments that, if anyone were to re-create acts and verses in the bible, a long prison term is the likely outcome.

Take, for example, Abraham, the so-called founding father of both Judaism and Christianity. He “heard” god command him to sacrifice one of his sons to prove his faith. There is a contentious 5000-year argument as to whom Abraham chose to sacrifice.

Was it Isaac or Ishmael? We don’t know, but there is enough of an argument over which was chosen to create a fractious split between Muslims and Jews, an argument that lasts to this day.

Here’s more: Creationists would have us believe that the Earth and all its beautiful creatures and nature were created 6000 years ago-and in six days. Never mind that this is a scientific impossibility, but “believers” will have us swallow such nonsense and blindly accept this tenet despite all kinds of proof that the Earth and everything surrounding it are far older. Science calculates the age of the universe to be between 10 billion and 20 billion years.

Thanks to the Hubble Telescope, it has been proven that the farthest stars’ light-that we can see-takes more, much, much more than 6000 years to reach us, even at the speed of light (185,000 miles per second).
The bible also says the Earth was created before the sun, another logical impossibility. The bible says that the sun came after vegetation – impossible. Why is the sun so important for sustaining life? Could not god sustain life on a meteor? If the sun was created on the fourth day – then why; what would be the importance of day and night?

The bible says that life began in the sea on the fifth day. It’s been well-proven that life existed in the sea long before it existed on land. Add that the bible says that birds and fish were created on the fifth day, and that reptiles came on the sixth. It’s been proven that birds evolved from reptiles, which evolved from fish, so that’s another contradiction.

Wait – there’s more: It seems that humans seemed to live impossibly long lives, over 900 years. Also, the bible says that there were giants roaming the Earth. We’ve yet to find one bone anywhere in the world to substantiate such a tenet. The bible says there are insects with four legs, yet there is no proof in history that even one ever existed. The bible says that snakes talk, that turtles talk, that donkeys talk, that unicorns existed, that a whale can swallow a man – who lived for three days in its belly!

I could go on and on, yet you will not believe a single thing that contradicts a belief that such things can and supposedly have happened. Hey, we were supposed to have jet packs and cars that float, all by the turn of this century. We were also supposed to have been destroyed by four horsemen of the apocalypse by 2001. But believe this: What modern man fails to realize is that there were many, many so-called prophets that roamed the desert babbling nonsensical wordage due to severe dietary restrictions of the day that caused illusions, delusions and much confusion. Jesus was but one of many who did so.

It wasn’t until well over 40 years after Jesus’ “death” and “resurrection” that the first words of the New Testament was written. Question: Have you ever played the “Telephone Game”? It goes as such: One person tells a story and is supposed to tell it to the next person and the next and so on. By the time the story reaches the sixth or twelfth person, it is totally different from its original version. Extrapolate that to 40 years, and even you can see how distortions WILL happen.

But, please don’t get me wrong. There are many very good moralistic parables, psalms and stories in the bible (or the Koran or Buddhism or Hinduism) that point to mankind leading a life that should benefit all. In reality, it just does not happen, and I am appalled over centuries-long battles of “us versus them” that appeal to the religious right and left. Today, that thought permeates all political and social discussion, ultimately drawing indefensible lines in the sand. I am in a profession that urges me to question authority. And when I did so with the bible, too many contradictions popped up, enough for me to not accept in whole a book that was intended to exert outside control of my life – without question. Sorry, can’t be done. I choose to live by one rule, one that has served me well and allows me to sleep peacefully: “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”