Messiah Golabbakhsh

*We hate to say it, but we’ve kind of gotten used to crazy white women making false claims against brothers for crimes they commit against their children. Now it seems a Muslim woman has tried the same tactic … and failed. Here’s the story:

Capital murder charges have been filed against a Houston woman after her 2-month-old child was found dead following a kidnapping she had initially blamed on a black man.

Narjes Golabbakhsh told police that she was pushing her baby Messiah in a stroller late Wednesday afternoon at a park off of Woodway when an unknown black man with a tattoo on his upper left arm got out of a car, shoved her to the ground, and grabbed the baby and the diaper bag.

“She went home to her mother-in-law’s apartment on Westheimer and used the phone there to call police,” said HPD Sgt. Robert Torres. At the time, relatives explained the mother’s delay in calling police was due to a language barrier.

An Amber Alert was issued, but police apparently sensed holes in her story during questioning. Around 2 a.m. on Thursday, Golabbakhsh led police to a woody area near Buffalo Bayou where the child’s body was found.

The District Attorney’s office said capital murder charges were filed against Golabbakhsh late Thursday night.

Child Protective Services visited the apartment soon after she was charged. A CPS spokesperson said they have no prior records on the family, but now need to find out if any other abuse ever happened and want to make sure Golabbakhsh’s other young son, a 3-year-old, is not at risk.

Watch Houston’s KIAH-TV news reports below.

Original Story: Woman blames random “black man with a tattoo” for kidnapping baby.

Follow-up Story: Capital murder charges filed against woman for killing her baby.