*Tiger Woods says he intends on winning the Masters this weekend despite coming off of a five-month hiatus in which he dealt with the consequences of his sex scandal.

“Nothing’s changed,” the golfer said Monday during a 35-minute news conference at Augusta National. “I’m going to go out there and try to win this thing.”

Woods said little more than what he has revealed before in two controlled interviews last month and a press statement in February. He wouldn’t say why he entered rehab for 45 days nor would he go into specifics about his infamous Thanksgiving night car crash, other than to say it took five stitches to close a lip wound.

“All I know is I acted just terribly,” said Woods. “I just made some incredibly bad decisions, decisions that hurt so many people close to me.”

When asked whether Ambien played a role in his car wreck, Woods was evasive, saying that police investigated the accident and the case is closed. He firmly denied using performance-enhancing drugs, however. “I have never taken [human growth hormone or PEDs]. I’ve never taken any illegal drugs in my life,” he told reporters.

He also said his wife, Elin, would not be at Augusta.

Woods thanked his fellow golfers for the support he’s received since announcing his return to the PGA Tour and said he was pleasantly surprised how well the fans treated him during a practice round Monday.

“The encouragement I got, it blew me away,” he said. “It really did. The people here over the years, I know they’ve been extremely respectful. But today is just something that touched my heart pretty good.”