*Once again the black man gets blamed for the crime of a white person. This time instead of a crazy white woman, it’s a white man.

In Ohio, police have arrested a bank robber who threw them off the trail by disguising himself as a black person.

Get this. Conrad Zdzierak, 30, robbed banks in a high-quality mask of a black man, then took it off as he drove to his next robbery target, making authorities look like the keystone cops because they were on the lookout for a black man.

He allegedly managed to hit four banks and a CVS within just three hours, ABC reports. But he screwed up because he didn’t disguise his car. Duh.

Police got a report of a vehicle matching the getaway car’s description at a hotel and found its interior stained with dye bank tellers had slipped into the money bags.

In the car they found Zdzierak, the money, and “what I’m calling a ‘Hollywood quality’ mask,” said a police lieutenant. “These things cost $600-$700.”

“You are the type of villain we read about in novels,” the judge told him.

Zdzierak is now in custody on $3 million bail.