Avondre Donel

*(From The Detroit News) Avondre Donel had a strong support system of relatives and neighbors who tried to keep him safe.

The 15-year-old Detroit honor student and church choir member was not allowed to wander more than five houses away from home in his crime-ridden west side neighborhood, where last week there were two reported home invasions, two assaults and an armed robbery within a mile radius, according to Detroit Police crime mapping statistics.

Lisa Donel, who lost a 12-year-old son to a rare form of cancer eight years ago, enrolled Avondre in a Ferndale school last year. She monitored his friends closely.

In the end, none of it mattered. The streets got him anyway.

Avondre was gunned down on a porch five houses north of his home on Roselawn just before 5 p.m. Sunday.

He was waiting on the porch while his friend, also 15, changed clothes inside. Avondre planned to roll out his portable basketball hoop for a quick game with his buddy before joining the family for a holiday dinner.

Then a single shot rang out.

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