Ricky Minor

*It seems lame duck “American Idol” bandleader Ricky Minor is beyond pissed with the producers of the program.

Apparently they didn’t show him a stitch of love during the show’s finale last night. He received not a word of acknowledgement. Hmm, that is cold.

Who knows, maybe it’s because Minor, who’s been the “AI” bandleader for the past six years, is leaving to replace Kevin Eubanks as leader of the “Tonight Show” band.  

In any event, TMZ says that when the show was over Minor went off on the producers, angrily telling them how insulted he was by their silent dis.

He even refused to go backstage for the champagne afterparty. But producers pleaded with him and then got Randy Jackson to try and smooth it over with an unprepared speech.

Minor then said a few words but we’re told, “You could cut the bitterness with a knife.”