Finances immediately impact you at the beginning of this forecast. Despite others’ interest in your ability to generate enthusiasm in projects you participate in, there is reluctance within you to venture out and truly present your positive side. Get away from that with a show of bravado, especially during the New Moon on the 14th, which will accent your earnings impressively. Churning out product is second nature on the 14th and 15th, but the 16th is an incredibly intense day, so don’t snap out at others.


While the Sun is in your sign, accept the platitudes and fawning attention that are surely coming your way with grace and style. Mark the 12th and 13th as days that you are at your strongest, but most sensitive, so don’t worry about what others think, as Mercury finally goes direct in your sign on the 11th. This is a corrective day because the past three weeks have had you in a sort of haze. That’s over now and you can move with fluidity, especially on the 16th and 17th, when communications are at a peak.  


A spark of creativity marks the majority of this forecast period, beginning on the 11th when your ruler, Mercury, ends its three-week slide into the past. If you found yourself drifting in that period, you’ll be able to correct yourself now and find others more receptive to your innovative ideas. Strong days for the Twins are the 14th and 15th, when the Moon is in your sign, kicking that creativity into high gear. The 16th (especially) and 17th are money-earning days. Use them to fulfill a personal goal.


The 13th increases your earning powers, so choose your course of action to attain it and then watch the dollars flow. Strong days for Cancerians are the 16th and 17th, when the Moon is in your sign. This often makes you ultra-sensitive, so at least be aware that you must treat others with kids gloves. Venus in Gemini is keeping your love life busy, much to the home-loving Moon children’s enjoyment. In fact, we virtually guarantee that the weekend is packed with social activities that will get you out of your shell.


Career-wise, the 11th through the 13 finds you in position to vault into your dream job. If real estate – or any tangible holding – is your thing, that is the day to nail down a huge sale and accumulate plenty. Of course, that day may also be the most irritating to come down the road in some time. Whatever rocks your boat, consider it to be a high-energy day. Don’t be so sensitive on the 16th or so stubborn because you may miss a slant that could be lucrative.


You may feel that your life has accelerated these past several months, and you’d be right. For you, it’s in the activities that govern how you react to others and their needs. You are the right person to ease tensions among your friends, for your calm and nurturing nature is the tonic to salve inner and outer wounds and slights. What about you? Who takes care of the care-giver? A startling revelation on the 16th will provide answers.


Hold on for another few weeks for your life to feel like it’s on the path you want to walk. In the meantime, this week brings more logical answers than you’ve been used to getting. The 14th through the 15th brings smoother solutions in travel, so if you want to get out, those are the days to hit the road. The 16th is a dizzy day that starts off smoothly, but brings bumps and bruises (none serious) to you. It’s more of a little scratch that is difficult to salve. The 17th is a day that love takes precedence.


With the Sun in your opposite sign of Taurus, you have the urge to spread yourself among your friends and solidify your status as a true and loyal person. We love the 13th -a New Moon in Taurus that day, for you to be the strong person in your relationships. On the 14th and 15th, finances are in the spotlight, and good days, provided you focus on one area. By the 16th and 17th, you are where you are supposed to be without any prompting. Don’t fight the urge to be different just for show.


With communications freeing up on the 11th, revelations grounded in wise Sagittarian wisdom burst forth on the 13th, a good day to start a venture, no matter the area. The weekend brings friends and camaraderie to all that you undertake, and your loyalty will be rewarded in kind. If all plays out well, outsiders bring an idea to you in casual conversation that might just lead to greater growth down the line. You’ll get a feel for where to go by simply looking at what is needed in your home.


Opportunities continue to pour in to your vicinity without any solicitation from you. This is a period of solid thinking, especially after the 11th when a pesky matter magically disappears. With your innate powers of organization and understanding of regulations, consider the best of a slew of offers that you must ponder over the weekend. It is recommended that you make a decision on the 16th, early, so that you have a chance to then put your plan in action by the 17th.


You begin your forecast with a full breeze at your back. It is inevitable that you will want to fill your house with as many friends as it can hold on the New Moon on the 14th, which directly energizes any and everything to do with matters around the home. Ideas flow freely on the 14th and 15th, and you are at your most compelling. Although the 16th may feel as if you can’t seem to accomplish anything, you actually are, just by keeping focused while another is weakening. Hold off until the 17th for a financial windfall.


Last week, I mentioned that communications might be slow. Well, as of the beginning of this week’s forecast, all communications should be returning to normal.  Your plans are suddenly all the rage and grounded in solid foundation. You’ll find out on the 13th, when your hard work has suddenly now becomes so easy that you may feel like you are getting paid for having fun. If you want a bit of peace and quiet over the weekend, forget about it: There’s too much paperwork to finish up.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY: Janet Jackson – Born May 16, 1966

Born with the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in the burning Fire sign of Aries, our Ms. Jackson is a bound and determined person.

With the Moon in that “me-first” sign directing traffic, Janet Jackson has an all-consuming inner sensitivity about what will work to keep her in the spotlight. My guess is that even though she was born into music royalty, she would have found a way to make her way into our hearts no matter to whomever she was born.

Add steely Saturn in Pisces to the mix, and there is clear evidence that Janet Jackson truly knows where she is headed at all times. That public image would ordinarily make an egotistic nuisance of anybody, but Venus in Aries softens the full-steam-ahead approach she seems to always have.

We did not mention the fact that Ms. Jackson has high-octane Mars in her sign, fueling a Uranus in Virgo work ethic that reportedly rivaled her late brother, Michael. However, Mars is not at full strength in Taurus, thus this planet is unable to operate at full strength in the sign that rules the voice.

But, with Mercury in Taurus, just try to change Ms. Jackson’s mind. It is a steel trap that will take immense amounts of energy to change. But if Janet Jackson loves you, oh, you can bet that the romance will last until the other person in the relationship breaks things off.