You’ll have to wait until the 9th and 10th to be at full strength, as well as to find yourself at the center of a controversy. What it is may involve Pisces and Aquarius, both of whom assist you in finding the most satisfying solution for all involved. With protective Jupiter in Pisces, it’s a sure bet that this person is your guardian angel.  You may be called upon to referee a tug of war on the 5th, but you may have to actually take a side. Watch for an afternoon filled with sudden surprises on that all-important 9th.

It’s a busy forecast, starting with you fighting a mixture of emotions on the 4th, and intensifying on the 5th. A flare up of your well-known temper will not serve you that day. Things calm down on the 7th and 8th, as tempting opportunities spring up, giving you a dazzling array of choices to make and paths to walk down. Make your decision bases on servitude to your fellow humans and you will gain much satisfaction in finding out that the world does not owe you; rather, it’s the opposite.

An excess of communications take place on the 5th, with an active Mars making an aspect that will make you seem more upbeat and forceful than normal. After that day, challenges involving your career are best answered by letting your spiritual, rather than intellectual, side guide you on the 7th and 8th. By the 9th and 10th, you can reap the benefits of tapping into your psychic side by actually making sense of a matter that has been bugging you for quite some time.

You have a nice change of scenery that only needs your personal touch to make a success. A significant monetary increase is in the offering in the middle of the week as you find that others think you are destined for bigger things. The weekend lends itself to promising wish fulfillment without distractions. Can you handle the extra responsibility? You’ll find out where you stand by the end of this forecast. Just be ready to get busy!

There are significant – and guaranteed – fireworks in store on the 5th, when the Moon in Aquarius is opposite your sign. Add the fact that charismatic Mars is in your sign also, and you have the answer as to why you feel so charged up lately. Take advantage of that extra energy until after the 6th, when there is a slight bump in financial activities. Use the 7th and 8th to firm up agreements, and then ease into your plan for success on the 9th and 10th, when things go your way more than normally.

With abundant Jupiter in your opposite sign of Pisces, you are feeling more and more compelled to enter into society with a smile. Your normally insular side needs the camaraderie of others in order to bring out your creative urges, but sometimes insecurity holds you back in reaching out. You feel emboldened on the 4th and 5th (especially), but you will charge ahead on the 10th with confidence on a project that you’ve wanted to start for a while.

The forecast for Libra begins peacefully, as you see things others only observe as blocks to their progress. As you move through the corporate ladder, remember that the road has bumps, and the stumbling happens on the 7th and 8th, signaling that you have not been paying attention to detail and need to focus – that is all. The 9th and 10th find the Moon in your opposite sign of Aries, meaning you are urged to find that perfect partner for life – or just to warm up the evenings of both days.

Cinco de Mayo brings a tension that can only be relieved by standing your ground. You may have to work your way through troublesome times this entire week, but especially on the 7th and 8th, when emotions run less turbulently. You are inclined to be a bit pushy and controlling, only because you have a knack for getting to the point quicker than most signs, and are perturbed by slower-thinking minions.  The 9th brings solemn news; use that day to gather your thoughts and to help others now.

By mid-0afternoon on the 4th, you will be one incessant chatterbox. You can’t explain it, but you suddenly are a font of knowledge that day through the 6th. As you focus on home life by the 7th and 8th, you realize that you are needed right where you live. In other words, the grass is definitely not greener elsewhere. By the end of this forecast, you are back to your gossipy ways. By blurting out the truth all the time, you may be setting yourself up for alienation.

The 4th and 5th are days that are more distracting for the Goat than normally. However, the 6th is a more contemplative day, one that you will need in order to communicate your thoughts clearly on the 7th and 8th. You are in the spotlight those two days, mainly for your confident demeanor. You will be tested for how ambitious and hungry you are on the 9th and 10th, days when you are advised to use your energy conservatively rather than impulsively.

The 4th through the 6th finds the Moon in your sign, giving you a sense of either extreme moodiness or excitability. Be assured that the 5th will be the more active day, and as you move into the weekend, fight the urge to overspend, as a nice influx of cash does not stop the bills from needing to be paid! Here’s a bet that you, as with my earlier forecast for Sagittarius, will be a chatterbox and a font of knowledge – great and small – by the end of this forecast.

Communications may be slow right about now, and you can blame it on slow-moving and retrograde Mercury in Taurus. Seems like it will be so for a bit longer, so be patient! You are in a mellow mood from the 7th through the early afternoon of the 9th, when you suddenly get a spark of energy you thought would never come. Good for you, as Pisces is actually the workhorse of the zodiac, and they do all the work without looking for compensation.

Celebrity Birthday: Chris Brown – Born May 5, 1989

Born with the Sun and Moon in Taurus, Chris Brown has a double dose of stubbornness and determination in his life. Those two planets are fueled by Mars in Cancer, making whatever he says tinged with an aggressive “Do it NOW” tension.

It also adds to unlimited energy, but strangely, this usually doesn’t point to over the top reactions until a quick look at his chart reveals an opposition from three emotional planets in Capricorn – Saturn, Uranus and Neptune – to his Mars.

This aspect is a signal that his home life may not have been the most peaceful, as Cancer is a sweet and cuddly sign, one not used to Mars’ incessant energy. Authority issues crop up from time to time, but Chris is one who now is in a position to change and obey societal laws as well as emotional and cultural strictures.

With Venus in its ruling sign of Taurus, Chris Brown is obviously a gifted artist, not to mention a powerful singer as many famous Taurus singers are. But with Mercury also in its ruling sign of Gemini, and joined by expansive Jupiter, Brown knows the words to say to persuade others to his side.

This Mercury/Jupiter aspect also means huge financial gains. As bad as his highly publicized pre-Grammy incident was with Rhianna in 2009, he does seem to be contrite. All his fans and public can do is to be aware that Chris Brown is capable of complete change for the better, and we will give him the slack to prove it.