The pace of your life picks up when the Sun enters Gemini on the 20th. Fueled by a breath of fresh air, you are ready to unveil your master plan with confidence and plenty of ammunition. That day kicks off a frenzy of activity, mixed with a measure of bumps and bruises that should not be misconstrued as an excuse to run and hide. Wait until the 22nd and you’ll see the difference.


You refuse to back down on the 18th, and it could cost you a friendship or two. By bargaining, you gain the upper hand in your financial dealings. However, be patient with those who may not be as quick to grasp your concepts as you are in explaining them. The weekend holds a promise for romance that may turn out to be a solid coupling. If you’re in the mood to propose, do so on the 22nd when planetary aspects favor a positive response.


You are about to enjoy the fruits of your planning capabilities, but not without others taking a swing at what you have to offer. Rest assured that you will love the results of love and money aspects on the 19th, when Venus relieves you of financial pressure. When the Sun enters Gemini on the 20th, you come on like gang busters, full of energy and ideas – too much at times, so don’t burn out just as you get going. You have a full month to impress yourself on others.


Oh, what a great time to be a Moon Child, especially on the 19th, when Venus graces your sign, bringing you a stream of love and attention from near and far. Expect a flood of information to inundate you on the 20th, but don’t let a late afternoon decision bring you into an unsure situation. Details count at this time, and you would be advised to wait until the 21st before buckling down and getting into serious business.


Once you pinpoint exactly where you want to be down the road, narrow your choices so that you are not overwhelmed. You can handle more responsibility than most signs, and you will be put to the test this entire forecast – and I mean it! A recommended day to chill and relax is the 21st, but by the 22nd, you will feel the freedom to get your life locked into a sustainable rhythm. There’s a bit of a tremor regarding love on the 23rd, but not too much to keep you up at night.


When the Moon is in your sign on the 20th, you are in your element, but not until late in the afternoon. That day gives you time to gather your strength and think of the many ways you uncannily get yourself into stances that prove you were right all along. There’s a slight pickup of finances in the evening of the 22nd, but also your nerves. The jitters are not what you need this time, but are unavoidable on the 23rd when moodiness stirs up emotions over fairness.


While you are battling to get into a position of power on the 18th, be brave and try something outside the norm to emphasize your point of view. A spark of love on the 19th signals a willingness to sublimate your ambitions, but you are back on track on the 22nd and 23rd, a little shaken, but much better off once you see that you don’t need others to succeed. When the 24th rolls around, don’t be afraid to go for the jugular – the payoff could be spectacular.


The 18th and 19th are the final days to put your stamp on the public. Then you may have to concentrate on how to keep your money in order. Best to keep the ship straight until the 1st, when you see how the system operates. The 19th, though, is the magical day, especially for those born in the early part of Scorpio. If travel beckons, go with a clear conscience, but expect the weekend to be jam-packed with cruise ship-like planning for fun and physical activity.


If you never needed an excuse to run wild, you’ll come up with a bunch on the 20th, when you are suddenly called upon to be the life of the party. Throw yourself into the fray with abandon, especially on the 22nd, when it seems that you can do no wrong. If you’re in a gambling mood, lay the bet on striking gold on the 19th. And here’s a hint: think fast, because you are now in your element for expressing your true self.  


You are now thinking about the plans you must supply in order to make your schemes work. As of the 19th, you are feeling more in love than in friendship. There is a touch of insomnia that you must deal with from the 20th on through well past this forecast. Use the up time to ground your thoughts into streams of action, as only Capricorns know how to do. Hom,e life, though may come in for scrutiny on the 23rd and 24th.


The 18th, 19th and 20th will feel like whirlwind days, as a flurry of planetary aspects may make your life feel as if it’s in the tornado scene in “Wizard of Oz.” You have just the 21st to rest up before activities kick up another round of frenzied turmoil. However, with all that craziness, you are the one with a level head throughout the forecast. Good, an easy, days for ruling the roost are the 23rd and 24th. Yes, you DO have the fortitude to deal with all that turmoil.


Think home and you have all the information you need to know that there is a lot to do on the ranch! However, on the 18th, think more about love, as a relationship is now being tested. The 19th will bring a resolution, but it comes faster, and more penetrating, than you bargained for. Get out in public on the 19th, a day to just to try not to be of service to everybody. Look for a fair settlement on the financial end on the 24th, but the day before should focus on enticing others to see things your way.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY: Kevin Garnett – Born May 24, 1966

Kevin Garnett

Born with the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Aquarius, Kevin Garnett was destined for fame and fortune no matter what field he may have chosen.

Know as one of the fiercest competitors in the National Basketball Association, Garnett gets his fuel from Mars in the fire sign of Leo, which aspects his Sun and Moon with a nearly bottomless well of energy.

With retrograde Mercury in either Taurus or early Gemini – and we’re betting the latter – one may aptly surmise that this is a chatterbox.

But Saturn in Cancer signifies a restrictive household, or on the positive side, a stern discipline that pointed him toward his strengths rather than succumbing to weakness.

It also bestows leadership qualities that give off a neighborly vibe, one that blends well with Garnett’s Aquarian generosity.  

With Venus and Jupiter in Taurus, you may also bet that whenever Kevin Garnett truly finds his soulmate, it’ll be forever.

And that Jupiter virtually guarantees that Kevin Garnett will not be wanting for the finer and plentiful things in life – like another championship ring.