*When Tiger Woods was courting Elin Nordegren back in the day, he had to ask her out five times before she accepted. She already had a boyfriend in Sweden at the time, and the golfer was “not his type,” according to a new book.

“Elin Nordegren was not the type of young woman to date Tiger Woods, at least not at first,” according to “Tiger: The Real Story” by People magazine staff writer Steve Helling. “For one thing, she had a boyfriend at home in Sweden. He was a normal, decent guy, driving a forklift in a warehouse. If things worked out with him, her life would be safe and predictable, an option that Elin actually found extremely appealing.”

The book goes on to say, “Dating Tiger Woods would be just the opposite: paparazzi and tabloids would be around every corner, and Elin couldn’t bear the thought of such an invasion of privacy. Besides, she really didn’t find Tiger attractive; he simply wasn’t her type.”

After Elin refused Tiger’s advances, he merely stepped up his game. This wasn’t a man used to being turned down.

“The challenge of the pursuit appealed to Tiger,” says the biography. “The more Elin declined, the more insistent Tiger became. On his fifth request, Elin finally agreed to go out with him, but only for one date. She knew he would keep asking her out until she said yes, so this would be the easiest way to get him off her back.”

The two went to a dinner and movie together, and by the second date, Elin began catching feelings, according to Helling. They married in 2004, after dating for nearly three years. Their first months were full of lavish gifts, love notes and casual date nights.

“I love the idea of growing old together,” Woods told People after three months of marriage. “I want to continue to get closer.”