*They’re baaaack! Season 3 of critically acclaimed Aaron McGRuder’s “The Boondocks'” premiered, crushing all-time series rating records.

Nielson Media Research data revealed the animated Adult Swim series attracted 2.55 million viewers, a Cartoon Network record breaking rating for the year. “The Boondocks'” also leads in several audience categories including adults 18-34.

If you missed out on the first episode, fret not because you can purchase a uncensored episodes via iTunes for $2.99 (available 12 hours after the network premiere).

The show has been on hiatus for two years and has been criticized for being mishandled. Regina King, voice of characters Huey and Riley Freeman, expressed her excitement to reporters.

“I am so happy that it is coming back… I wish there was some website that people could send [a message] to Sony and say, ‘What are you doing?'”

She added, “‘Boondocks could be so bigger than what it is,” the ‘Southland’ actress added. “If I had the money to buy ‘The Boondocks’ off Sony, I would because all of you would be wearing ‘Boondocks’ T-shirts and there would be Huey and Riley dolls. I would capitalize off of that, and I would be a very rich woman.”

Boondocks is back on track, comfortably sitting at the number one spot. The show airs Sundays at 11:30 PM/ET.