Angela Carr Patterson

*Life has a way of bringing to us the unexpected. But what happens when the unexpected comes wrapped in disappointment? Do we forget about the very foundation of what we believe and stay true to it, or do we fold under the pressure?

Yesterday started out to be a great day. My husband and I went for our morning walk; I spent my power hour in mediation/prayer and listened to some personal/spiritual growth information on my IPod.

Then the phone started to ring and it was my son telling me that they had lost the baby. She was still born. My heart stopped for a moment because we had just experienced this last year, when little Maya was still born. I just didn’t want to do this again.

And the worst was to hear my son’s voice as he shared the information. He said mom, “I wanted this baby so badly.”  As I put the phone down, I began to remember who God is and how His Love will comfort and protect us. That is my foundational truth and at that moment I needed to remember it.

When the unexpected comes our way, and there is no explanation for the pain, we must shift our hearts and our minds towards love.  Please know that my family and I did experience pain and we couldn’t keep it from coming our way. But we did have a choice…not to suffer.

While this is painful to experience, we will not allow it to make us suffer.  As we remain in love’s space and as we continue to love each other and thank God for what we will never understand, we can and will heal.

Loves heals, renews, make us safe, inspires us with its power and brings us closer to God. This is what I know for sure. In times when you don’t have answers, remember that love is the answer to every question.

The ultimate lesson here is that we walk in the light of love and the truth that extends beyond any truth that our human mind presently knows. Because the spiritual mind knows far more than we could ever comprehend.  So it’s really okay to not have all the answers, as long as we have love and peace. This is what I know for sure.

Angela Carr Patterson is a Lifestyle Coach, Author and Transformational Speaker.  She is the founder of The Love Lifestyle Center, and The Love Story Women Circle , an online global community of women seeking to embrace love, celebration and transformation in their lives. Their goal is to reach one million women through the internet. Contact via [email protected]