Gabourey 'Gabby' Sidibe

*A lot folks, including those on the entertainment beat have a lotta love for Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe. They’ve even took up for her when shock jock Howard Stern dared to say that her 15 minutes of fame were all ready over because of her more than obvious heft.

Well one writer, and now former admirer, Washington Post columnist, Jonathan Capehart, says, “I’m putting down my pompoms.”

Jonathan Capehart

Capehart was a huge fan of “Precious” and rooted for Sidibe to win an Oscar, but now he thinks she’s just a big ol’ butt hole.

Good Lord, what happened? Did Gabby hurt his feelings? Apparently so. He wrote that he approached her at the recent White House Correspondents Dinner, only to have her blow him off with one of those “come back in five minutes!” responses. Oh dear.

He says he told his colleagues what happened and lo and behold he wasn’t the only one who’d gotten the same treatment. Another cohort related her own “horrible” experience trying to compliment Sidibe on her work in “Precious,” and got this response: “I guess I should say, ‘Thank you.'”

It didn’t stop there. Later, another friend who wanted a picture with Sidibe came back to Capehart and said he got turned down flat.

Hmm, what’s going on here. Is this the real Gabourey Sidibe or what?

“There’s no law that says Sidibe has to show grace to her fans or appreciation for their kind words,” Capehart concludes. “But a true star would.”

Kinda makes you wonder what she’d say to Howard Stern.

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