*Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician accused of administering the powerful anesthetic that killed Michael Jackson, helped stabilize a young woman who fell unconscious on a US Airways jet on Saturday.

En route to Los Angeles from Houston to confer with lawyers, Murray was aboard Flight 641 when a woman went into distress. He found the woman had a very weak pulse, hooked her up to an IV line he got from the plane’s medical bag and monitored her while the jet was diverted to Albuquerque, N.M., according to TMZ and the Associated Press.

“We’re not surprised,” said Miranda Sevcik, from the legal team representing Murray in his involuntary manslaughter case. “He’s a good doctor, we’ve always said he was a good doctor, and that’s what good doctors do is save people.”

The young woman, who Murray said was 23 and traveling with an 11-month-old baby, was met at the gate in Los Angeles by paramedics and taken to a hospital, Sevcik said. The plane then continued on to Phoenix.

US Airways confirmed that a doctor on the flight helped stabilize a patient who had a medical emergency. Spokesman Todd Lehmacher said it was against company policy to identify the passenger or the doctor on board who helped stabilize her.

Murray had been hired at $150,000 a month to be Jackson’s personal physician during a planned comeback tour. He was with Jackson when the singer died last June after being found unresponsive in his Beverly Hills home.

Murray told police he administered the anesthetic propofol to Jackson as a treatment for insomnia. The 57-year-old was charged in February with felony involuntary manslaughter. He has pleaded not guilty, and remains free on $75,000 bail pending trial.

The cardiologist has offices in Houston and Las Vegas. His license to practice medicine in California has been restricted by a judge and he is fighting to maintain his license in Las Vegas, where back child support could result in its suspension.